The Creation of Amp's Boldness

Like any other human being my creation of Amp's Boldness started off the same way. By the thoughts in my mind and doing something I loved. In my childhood the month of December made me fell in love with colors. So many different colors shining bright together made me felt like I was in a magical place. In adulthood I started to imagine my own vision of colors, so I started to paint and decorate my own home. Some family members would ask, why are you using this color? I would say, just wait until I'm done with everything. After they couldn't believe how great my painting and decorating spoke for itself. So, I decided to create an online store that would help customers turn their vision into reality. Everyone has their own vision stuck in their head and no one will understand it while you're in the process until its completed. My best advice is when you have a vision don't let outside opinions change it. Show them who you are and what you can do.
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